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Welcome to the

Nahanni Camping and Fishing Club Website.

This site is designed to be fun, educational and informative with an aim at enhancing your outdoor experiences. We will be offering you some useful tips on camping and fishing, a few fish stories, outdoor equipment suggestions, and other helpful information! Enjoy!

First the word Nahanni, an odd word (pronouced NA- ha- knee). This word is derived from the native Americans of northern Canada. Actually many similar meanings of the word are suggested by our research. One definition is “people who travel to far away wilderness places“. If that is not the exact meaning then it is close enough for us and it seems to fit the members of the Nahanni Camping and Fishing Club, our group of “good folks” from Massachusetts. Odd that we all hail from one of the more densely populated states and when our vacation opportunities arise we always head for the mountains and wilderness ares. Along with enjoying the deeps woods, mountains and streams it is also nice to get away from it all and enjoy some quiet time. As wilderness campers we generally attempt to get away from the general public (often referred to as GP).


The Nahanni River is actually a very wild and rugged river in the Northwest Territory of Canada. It features dramatic canyons, a huge waterfall, violent rapids, many caverns and despite the fact that it is now a national park it is very difficult to get to. Another definition from the native elders of Nahanni Butte in Canada is that the word Nahanni is from the word “naha” meaning “the people that roamed through the mountains and valleys”. The Nahanni River area certainly includes its share of mountains and valleys as you can see in the video below. Surprisingly no member of the Nahanni Camping and Fishing Club has (yet) to actually visit the Nahanni National Park. This may be because the difficult trip there would dramatically cut into our fishing time. Cutting into our fishing time is a definite rule violation! There will be more on “the rules” in another section. Other reasons that we have not gone to the Nahanni National Park may include the fact that you can not drive there in an SUV, there are no Walmarts, no liquor stores, no bags of ice cubes and no areas of cell phone reception anywhere near the Nahanni River.

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