Nahanni Summer 2017

Clearwater River Idaho

Clearwater River Idaho

As with most summers this one seemed to fly by and is just about over. Hopefully all Nahanni-ites had a fun time and got to spend lots of time in the great outdoors.

A few Eastern Wandering Yahoos ventured out to the beautiful region of the Clearwater River and Kelly Creek in Northern Idaho. The original “best campsite ever” was located in Idaho. That site was later surpassed by an even better site. This past summer yet another site on the Clearwater River is now also in top consideration for being the best campsite ever. Sounds like Idaho is not a bad place to go camping!

Despite the rumors of poor fly selection, hangovers and faulty casting techniques MANY Cutthroat Trout were caught. Of course due to the practice of catch and release very few actually had their throats cut.

 Time for the Nahanni Camping and Fishing Club to move on to Vermont!

Coming soon will be the annual fall trip to The Kettle! Once again we will have the opportunity to enjoy the quite beauty of the deep woods of northern Vermont! As expected we will have lots of fun.

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