Nahanni ~ Spring Camping at Hancock Campground

July 4th 2017  ~ Fishing and Camping

Happy Independence Day – This spring was highlighted by the return of the spring camping trip, which is not to be confused with the spring fishing trip. While the camping trip to Lincoln NH was very rainy if was previously outdone by the spring fishing trip to Altmar NY. The rain there was very significant, the Salmon River was way over it’s banks and the fishing was almost non existent.

The camping trip to the Hancock campground was a complete success despite some rain. Since the Hancock campground in the White Mountains is open year round it was an easy choice for an early May trip. With three  nice sites close to the river, multiple EZ-ups and George’s trailer we stayed rather dry (except when Dennis miraculously forded a huge river in a tremendous effort to get back to camp where his cooler was).

Lincoln Woods NH

View North from the bridge

One of the highlights was the leisurely hike we took along the Pemigewasset River, heading north on the east side of the river. Very nice walk. There were very few other hikers, we saw a small pond with ten zillion tadpoles (sometimes called pollywogs) and the sun even came out as we were returning.

For July 4th here is the Declaration of Independence –

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