Happy Nahanni New Year ~ 2016

Happy Nahanni New Year!

2016 is now here and more Nahanni adventures are ahead. The autumn of 2015 featured another outstanding trip to the Kettle in Vermont. The attendance was very good. Even Rob came out of camping retirement to make an appearance. The weather was nice, the foliage was beautiful and the food and drink was exceptionally enjoyable.

Kettle Oct 2015

Kettle Oct 2015

Some folks had the ambition to summit the mighty Owls Head Mountain. As show in the picture below this might hike takes so much out of you it is often hard to stand up when you are at the peak. Also on the last day a few of us even got a terrific tour of northern VT in a redneck RV. That was an unexpected life experience!


I expect that 2016 will be full of more big adventures and more big fish.

Happy New Year to everyone!

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