The Great North Woods ~ Maine 2015

The Great Northwoods of Maine


At Baxter Peak

Yes the Nahanni Camping and Fishing Club recently…….. opps sorry about that. I started typing in my indoor font when I should be using my outdoor font.

As I was saying The Nahanni Camping and Fishing Club recently completely a very successful trip to the great north woods of the great state of Maine. Lots of fun was had by all. The trip included new recruits, special guest appearances, lots of brook trout and landlocked salmon and even a full turkey dinner!
The weather was really nice except for a brief period of showers. Having the group site with a well built pavilion at the Nesowadnehunk Field group site sure was helpful during the “monsoon afternoon”.

Mount Katahdin, was summited by Dennis, Ben, Andrew, Nick and Mike W. Congrats to all! Katahdin’s elevation is 1,605 meters. For those of you who do not spend much time in Europe that is 5,267 feet.

Don T. made a special appearance that included cooking an exceptionally good turkey dinner for out first night in Baxter. Don’s dinner was so yummy that some pople actually ate too much (Andrew?). While Don’s cooking skills were very evident his other specialty of tree climbing was not demonstrated.

Mike B. who was not expected to make the trip but he made a special guest appearance that included a great of fishing and hiking on the lower portion of Nesowadnehunk Stream. It was an absolutely gorgeous day on one of the most picturesque streams this side of Rock Creek. There are several pictures of this stream and other highlights of the trip at the Maine 2015 Slide Show.

An interesting event occurred at BSP shortly before we went there. On July 13, 2015, ultra-marathoner Scott Jurek completed his record-breaking run of the Appalachian Trail at the top of Katahdin in Baxter State Park. He completed the entire AT in 46 days, 7 hours, breaking the previous record by 3 hours. His celebration at the finish line sparked controversy when he received three citations from the Baxter State Park rangers who said his hiking party was too large, he consumed alcohol against park policies, and when he spilled champagne it counted as littering. Jurek has disputed the citations publicly, and the dispute has put Baxter State Park at the center of a national discussion on proper use of wilderness areas. Seems like just everyone involved is very over-focused!

You can check out the slide show (still in progress, more pictures to be added soon) here – Maine 2015

Thank you Percival

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