Summer 2014      Hey you……..!

Autumn is almost here …….

Fall is almost here and that means the annual tip to the Kettle is upon us. How awesome is that? But it in sad to see that the summer is behind us. For a few Nahanni Warriors the summer included an epic trip to Northern Idaho! The Locksa River, the Selway River, the famous Kelly Creeck and the North Fork of the Clearwater River all were very productive when it came to fishing for Cutthroat trout! Many trout were caught and released by the Nahanni fisher-dudes!

Happy Campers in Idaho

Happy Campers in Idaho

Also there were several GREAT wilderness campsites used, including the well known Colgate Licks campground, the Best Site Ever (or at least in the top 5 ???) on the North Fork of the Clearwater and the end-of-the-road site on the Selway River.

Lots more went on in Idaho but you know the saying……… What Happens in Idaho Stays in Idaho!

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