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October 2014 – Return to the Kettle!

Our annual October trip to the Kettle has come and gone. Lots of fun was had by all….. at least by all who showed up!  We had a few no shows, most notably missing was Cahill, one of the official Nahanni dogs.

Nahanni Campers - Oct 2014

Nahanni Campers – Oct 2014

There was a fair amount of rain but that was not much of a problem as there was also a fair number of umbrellas. The fall foliage looked very nice as it usually does this time of year. There were lots of leaves still on the trees and the nearby hills looked very nice (some hills looked better than others!)

One night the Patriots football was heard from over the radio as they just barely won. The Heady, also know as the words best beer was not it short supply and there was also an excellent sample of other crafts beers. Once again there were not any bear attacks unfortunately!

Cooler full of THE HEADY

Cooler full of THE HEADY

Fall 2014      Hey you………. Happy Autumn!

Fall is here and that means the annual tip to the Kettle is upon us. How awesome is that? But it in sad to see that the summer is behind us. For a few Nahanni Warriors the summer included an epic trip to Northern Idaho! The Locksa River, the Selway River, the famous Kelly Creeck and the North Fork of the Clearwater River all were very productive when it came to fishing for Cutthroat trout! Many trout were caught and released by the Nahanni fisher-dudes!

Happy Campers in Idaho

Happy Campers in Idaho

Also there were several GREAT wilderness campsites used, including the well known Colgate Licks campground, the Best Site Ever (or at least in the top 5 ???) on the North Fork of the Clearwater and the end-of-the-road site on the Selway River.

Lots more went on in Idaho but you know the saying……… What Happens in Idaho Stays in Idaho!

Summer 2014  Yahoo! Summer is here and the 4th of July is upon us!

Earlier this spring the steelhead fishing on the Salmon River was better than ever. Those

nahanni fishing for steehead

nahanni fishing for steehead

giant fish are beginning to tremble with fear at the mere mention of the word “Nahanni”.   A lot of the credit for our fishing success goes to Josh from Wack’em Fishing Guide Service. Not only did he locate lots of big, hungry fish but he never once fell out of the boat!

Happy Independence day! What is better than a warm weather holiday full of cookouts and fireworks? But let’s not forget the real reason this holiday exists. It is to celebrate the creation of the United States of America and the dramatic and unique fashion that our county came into existence.

Thomas Jefferson great work The Declaration of Independence starts out with a great message to all people who cherish freedom –

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation……

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness……”

TJ was not one to mince words and he made a point to show his dislike for England’s King George III. He pointed out the rather bad behavior of the king –

He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance.He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant. He has sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.

For Quartering large bodies of armed troops among us: For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world: For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent: For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences: He has plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.

He is at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to compleat the works of death. He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

Have a happy summer everyone. Be sure to stay well hydrated, use sun block, remembera nahanni skunk to floss, sleep well, don’t get sprayed by a skunk, watch out for merciless Indian Savages and most importantly – do NOT let anything cut into your fishing time and have lots of fun. Nahanni!

Spring 2014

Yahoo! Spring is finally here…. supposedly.  Although so far it does not seem like the weather knows that yet but I am confident that soon the sun will be shining, the temperatures warm and the weeds rowing nicely in my garden.
The winter weather was significant especially the snowfall in Jan and Feb – And obviously the temperatures were well below normal thru March. The low temperatures made for excellent ice fishing conditions and many good fish were caught and released. Some were real monsters!  And speaking of monsters there is new documentary just released that details the supposed monsters of southeastern Massachusetts. Not all these monsters are large-mouth bass and chain pickerel!

Here is the main trailer  –

Here are some other trailers that include a bigfoot experience very similar to a mysterious sighting experienced by a member of the Nahanni Camping and Fishing Club back in the late 70s! This occurred on the famous Snake River!


Even though it is rumored that some members of the Nahanni Camping and Fishing Club are actually afraid of big fish, here is the state’s schedule of trout stocking. Looks like some very nice bookies, browns and rainbows will soon be swimming in a pond or river near you!

>>> Mass trout stocking information <<<

January 2014

Wow – I know what some of you are thinking -it sure has been way too long since the Nahanni Camping and Fishing website has been updated – and you are absolutely correct! So what has been happening?

Well, the fall highlight was the annual family reunion camping trip to The Kettle. This event was very well attended and much fun was had by all. It can certainly be said that camping at the Kettle is NOT over-rated! Of course this reminds me that Heady Topper  is still the number one rated beer in the world as rated at Beer Advocate! It is even better than Miller Lite!* If you do not believe me go here to read why Miller Lite sucks…. hey its on the internet so it must be true !

Now as the winter is well upon us that means the ice fishing season is here! Quite a few IMG-20140201-00814fish have been caught, a bald eagle was spotted on Lake Sabattia on Bay Road in Taunton and hopefully the ice will stay good for several more weeks. The Bristol County Ice Masters will be hosting their 12th annual ice fishing tournament soon and the Nahanni Camping and Fishing Club will be sending a contingency of expert ice fishermen to hopefully win several hundred dollars in cash prizes! Yahoo! The details of the tournament as well as many other interesting things can be found at, a very interesting site focused on New England Outdoor activities.

Also in April there will be the super fun annual steelhead fishing trip to the Salmon River in Altmar, New York. Steelhead of course are a tremendous game fish with a lot of size and strength. ThD fishey are rainbow trout which live in large lakes or the ocean and migrate up rivers during certain times of the year. These are Lake Ontario steelhead that swim upstream past Pulaski and than Altamar and than hopefully to the end of my line! Last year the river went to flood stage about five minutes after we got there so most fishing was done in a small tributary stream, Orwell Creek. Still great fishing.

Happy New Year to all Nahanni Yahoos – hopefully 2014 will be full of lots of good size fish, beautiful sunsets, interesting wildlife viewing, very mild hangovers, strong coffee and an occasional downpour!

April 2013 Steelhead Fishing Report

Nahanni Everyone! Here is your fishing report for the spring fishing trip to the Salmon River in Altmar NY ( also known as the steelhead special!) –

Drove out Thursday PM, ride went fine, took a short cut thru Untica and Rome, nice back roads.

On Friday we started down the river with our guide but after only a couple of hours the word was that the river would soon be going to flood stage so everyone was to get off the river. All the guide boats went directly down to the take out ramp. There had been a couple of warm days recently and a big snow fall several days before that. The upper reservoir was having lots of water going over its spillway. The water was rising and there was even a NY state cop at the boat ramp parking lot warning people to stay off the river!

Salmon River

The parking lot in Altmar by the School House Pool.

Back at the lodge we spoke with several members of the SRSC (Salmon River Sub Culture) and learned from Finbar that a nearby tributary may be a good place to fish. So John and I went over to Orwell Creek (thanks George) which is just a couple of miles away. We fished a few spots and learned about this nice river. The big fish go up this smaller river as well as the big river. We saw a kid with his dad catch a nice one. John hooked and that lost a HUGE fish. So at the end of that day we at least had one fish story.

The next day we drove around and looked at the flood. The water under the bridge at Altmar was really high and the parking lot was under water with a significant current (see picture) – it would have been tough to wade across the parking lot! We than went over to the Orwell Creek and fished it hard for most of the day. John landed a few reel nice ones.

We found one specific spot where the fish just loved to hang out and we kept fishing there. They were right in front of us and we could see them. I ended up hooking a really big one and playing him for about a half an hour before it went under an undercut bank where he tied the line around a root and he broke off. In the process of trying to land him our brand new steelhead net from Dicks Sporting Goods snapped in two! My rod, reel and line did not break during the fight even though I thought it might – Lots of fun! These fish are totally awesome!!!!

*** We went to Salmon Falls which had tons of water flowing over – complete opposite of last year’s drought.

*** We went to Lake Ontario which had rough seas and white caps – complete opposite of last year when it was smooth as glass.

We are beginning to feel like we know the river and the area better and now we know a second very good smaller stream. – next year we will really slay ’em!

March 2013

Well the Ice Fishing season did not amount to much even though a few big fish were caught eventually. The ice did not last long but the snow storms sure did. Now speaking of big fish there were rumors of a HUGE bass caught locally just last summer. In trying to obtain proof I had to recruit the team from the History Channel‘s Monster Quest Show – and it actually worked. Below in this grainy photo is the 7.5 pound bass that Mike B. caught last July. WOW – what a big fat fish!


Mike’s big bass from the summer of 2012

Feb. 2013

Just when it looked like the ice fishing season may not happen (again) we finally got some cold weather, the ice thickened up and ice fishing is here – Yahoo! On the first weekend out we only landed one nice pickerel but we did meet up with a local hard-water angler who landed a 4.5 and 6 pound bass on the same day. Good for him! Now if the weather remains cold we expect to slay them any day now! Actually all this ice fishing is not actual fishing…. it is just “practice fishing” for an upcoming tournament which is planned for later this month (weather permitting….. which does not look good at all). Lots of prize money and there should be lots of fun. 

And there is more good news. I was learned from a Maine Warden at the Fly Fishing Show in Marlborough recently that North Woods Law has been renewed for another season with ten new episodes ready to be seen on The Animal Planet network.

Jan. 2013

The NEW YEAR of 2013 is here and winter is upon us. With the wintery weather there will (hopefully) be some ice fishing very soon. Last year there was no ice fishing, no ice, no ice fishing stories, not even any ice cubes.!This year may be different and there may be some stories coming very soon! We will keep you posted.

The month of November involved the Junior division of The Nahanni Camping and Fishing Club as Luke and his Boy Scout buddies featured deep into the Wheaton Wilderness to do some serious camping. The scouts were lead by their outstanding group of leaders inlcuding “Mr. Stillin His Tent Wilson”. Lots of fun was had by all.

When thinking of ice fishing you should always keep safety in mind at all times. There was a couple of very unfortunate incidents recently in northern Maine. You can read about it here –

October 2012 – The Nahanni Camping and Fishing Club had their annual camping trip to lovely Kettle Pond in Vermont recently and as usual it was a big success. The weather co-operated for the most part (just a few hail stones and flakes) with Saturday being a beautiful fall day. Attendance was good with the most notable exception being Chris (and his dog) who were not able to attend. While one camper who was there tried to ARGUE that Chris “no longer likes to camp” he was quickly rebutted by others who explained the extenuating circumstances.

No fish were in danger of being caught as we are obviously lulling them into a false sense of security for next time. We are such sneaky fishermen! On Saturday some people collected firewood, another group sought out Don (the ranger) and found him hiding in the crawl space under his house and than they summitted Owls Head (without sherpas or canned oxygen!), while another group pretty much did nothing (and did it exceptionally well)!

Some other highlights of the trip –

  • The Heady Topper cooler
  • There were a few fireworks but no potato cannon which is too bad – fish love to eat potatoes.
  •  A scientific theory was proven – when the air gets cold, air is cold …..who of thunk it!
  • Yummy dutch oven treats! ….. thanks Rob!
  • An SUV turned into a bear proof tent with wall to wall mattress

The only change to the area was the new canoe rack built down by the pond. It was unanimously decided that we do not like it. Functionally it is not designed well and aesthetically it is just plain ugly. And besides it is in the way we if you go for a stagger. What was the state of Vermont thinking? It may be a good idea for next year to bring sawsall and pretend it is a witch (burn her…. she’s a witch!).

Speaking of witches, and since it is Halloween, there is nothing as good as a nice witch show –

September 2012 – A new and important cabinet position has recently been created for the Nahanni Camping and Fishing Club – Secretary of Beer! Obviously this is a very important and prestigious position. The obvious nomination goes to master brew master, king of the northwest kingdom, stinky cheese lover and all round swell guy – Jim!

Summer 2010 – The very low water levels and hot summer weather certainly has effected the local fishing. But one lucky Nahanni fisherman caught himself a HUGE 7.5 pound bass recently! Mike was fishing in the nearby Serpent Stream, one of the very best and least known rivers in the area. This little river is loaded with bass and fish have been known to actually jump into your canoe on occaision.* One summer evening Mike was in the middle of some fantastic fishing by landing approximately 25 to 30 fish when a true 7.5 pounder was caught. Way to go Mike!

After hearing of his great success John and I grabbed our weapons of bass destruction and took the canoe into the river the very next chance we got. Of course who do we find? Mike of course, fishing away in his old, old, old Old Town canoe. As you may know this river is actually the only place that Mike goes fishing. I was so excited to see Mike that I immediately ripped a section of his canoe off and threw it into the river. About two weeks later Mike goes out and buys himself a brand new Old Town canoe, one that is not so easy to knock apart with your bare hands. Being the ingenious and energetic guy that he is, Mike also went back to the SCD (Scene of Canoe Destruction) and finds the missing chuck of his old canoe laying on the bottom of the stream. Later that day I spent about one hour searching for and failing to find that peice of canoe. I think this actually cut into my fishing time.

*This is true.

PS – There is a rumor that a picture of this big fish exists but I am still waiting for it.

May 2012

Memorial Day weekend was the time for a long awaited trip to Pittsburg, New Hampshire to camp at Lake Francis State Park and fish those great stretches of the Connecticut River. The trip was David, Mike and George traveling north in George’s trailer, also know as the camping hotel. There was a special guest appearance by John. He showed up at lunch time on Saturday about 5 minutes after it was declared that he would definitely not make an appearance! He even made use of his new bear proof tent (made by Chevrolet). George brought almost every piece of camping gear he owes and cooked some great breakfast food – not bad for a guy with only two taste buds!

Everyone (even John!) caught some nice fish, George lost his net in thick woods when his magnetic net holder mysteriously stuck to a magnetic pine tree. Mike was almost attacked by a huge flock of butterflies and famous singer Sade made a special appearance in our campsite to sing her fabulous song Smooth Operator. Traveling to Lake Francis State Park was such a success that another trip to Pittsburg is already being planned for later this year.

Spring 2012 – The month of May was a good month for some of the Nahanni fisherman but not so good it you are a landlocked salmon. Of course if you are a landlocked salmon the chances are you are not reading this article. I was able to make a quick strategic strike up to northern Maine. While camping on Cupsuptic Lake (not to be confused with near by Mooslookmeguntic Lake).  I was within easy traveling distance to the Rangley River, The Kenebec River, Aziscohos River and the legendary Upper Dam. Nice brook trout and landlocked salmon were caught all around. The water was very high but the fish were pretty active. This time of year many of the larger fish leave the large lakes and go up the rivers. One of the high lights was meeting and getting my fishing licence checked by one of the Maine fish and game officers who has been featured on the Animal Plant TV show North Woods Law.


April 2012- With the arrival of spring came the real fishing season. While no western tripped seemed to be on the horizon there was still plenty of fishing to be had here in the northeast. This included John and David going to western New York to fish for steelhead in the famous Salmon River. This trip was a complete success as we both landed some amazing steelhead (sea/lake run rainbow trout). We saw the 120 foot Salmon River waterfall. We got to stick our heads in beautiful Lake Ontario, which was as smooth as glas when we visited. Our expert fishing guide Josh, who took us down this great river proceeded to fall out of the boat after we traveled only about 75 feet downstream! (How do you yell “man overboard” in Abnaki?) We even got to have a couple of beers with captain Phil (or is it Admiral Phil, or Commodore Phil ??) -a  former undertaker, once and still a true deadhead (as evidenced by a Max Creek poster in his man-town garage), owner of Schoolhouse Lodge and occasionally a fishing guide. What a fun trip!

Feb 2012 – Well due to the very mild winter we have been experiencing the First Annual Nahanni Camping and Fishing CLub Ice Fishing Tournament has been canceled! Of course any ice fishing at all has been canceled as the ice has never come close to being any good for fishing. Well, there is always next year for ice fishing! This is a shame as we really slayed them last winter with an estimated 75 big fish being landed. So it is time to tie some trout flies and plan some future trips.

Fall 2011 – Another very successful trip was recently completed by many members of the Nahanni Camping and Fishing Club. Since we are camping experts our annual fall trip to the Kettle in Vermont was truly a complete success. Despite a bit of rain and just a tad of wind lots of fun was had by all. We had an excellent turn out of ten. We were missing a a couple of guys. One had to organize his sock draw and the other guy had so many excuses that the internet is not large enough to list them all. A small amount of fishing was done which resulted in Mike W. catch a small fish. Next year the fish will probably be much larger due to a heavy diet of potatoes.

There are new photos from this trip added to the Gallery. You can just click on a picture to advance to the next. Nahanni!

Aug. 2011 For the first time in several years The Nahanni Camping and Fishing Club did NOT take a trip out west. Due to various circumstances out fishing time has been cut into! Isn’t that against one of the rules? There have been various day trips and visits to parts of New England and these have all been lots of fun. Lots of local fishing. There was one summer semi- Nahanni trip to the Erving State Forest in central Massachusetts. While the roster was only Chris, John and David there was a good amount of fun crammed into a short period of time. Beer drinking around the campfire and listening to Pink Floyd took care of the evening. Fishing including ass removal style fishing on the Millers River. There are NO fish in that River! On the other hand the Swift River is infested with big, strong rainbows and they can be caught! FISH-ON!!        

A Great Loss

April 2010 We are all saddened at the recent passing of Walter Wilson. Walter was many things to many people, a great father, husband, uncle, grandfather and brother. He was also a great camper, once dubbed as “the original piro”.  He was never cold in his sleeping bag, he loved his morning coffee and he could always be counted on to keep the campfire blazing while the other yahoos went staggering off in the dark. Walter will be missed but not forgotten!  

 Walter Wilson


 *** The Nahanni Camping and Fishing Club ***

Welcome to the Nahanni Camping and Fishing Club Website. This site is designed to be fun, educational and informative with an aim at enhancing your outdoor experiences. We will be offering you some useful tips on camping and fishing, a few fish stories, outdoor equipment suggestions, and other helpful information! Enjoy!

First the word Nahanni, an odd word (pronouced NA- ha- knee). This word is derived from the native Americans of northern Canada. Actually many similar meanings of the word are suggested by our research. One definition is “people who travel to far away wilderness places“. If that is not the exact meaning then it is close enough for us and it seems to fit the members of the Nahanni Camping and Fishing Club, our group of “good folks” from Massachusetts. Odd that we all hail from one of the more densely populated states and when our vacation opportunities arise we always head for the mountains and wilderness ares. Along with enjoying the deeps woods, mountains and streams it is also nice to get away from it all and enjoy some quiet time. As wilderness campers we generally attempt to get away from the general public (often referred to as GP).

The Nahanni River is actually a very wild and rugged river in the Northwest Territory of Canada. It features dramatic canyons, a huge waterfall, violent rapids, many caverns and despite the fact that it is now a national park it is very difficult to get to. Another definition from the native elders of Nahanni Butte in Canada is that the word Nahanni is from the word “naha” meaning “the people that roamed through the mountains and valleys”. The Nahanni River area certainly includes its share of mountains and valleys as you can see in the video below. Surprisingly no member of the Nahanni Camping and Fishing Club has (yet) to actually visit the Nahanni National Park. This may be because the difficult trip there would dramatically cut into our fishing time. Cutting into our fishing time is a definite rule violation! There will be more on “the rules” in another section. Other reasons that we have not gone to the Nahanni National Park may include the fact that you can not drive there in an SUV, there are no Walmarts, no liquor stores, no bags of ice cubes and no areas of cell phone reception anywhere near the Nahanni River.

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