October 2014 – Return to the Kettle!

Return to Kettle Pond!

Our annual October trip to the Kettle has come and gone. Lots of fun was had by all….. at least by all who showed up!  We had a few no shows, most notably missing was Cahill, one of the official Nahanni dogs.

Nahanni Campers - Oct 2014

Nahanni Campers – Oct 2014

There was a fair amount of rain but that was not much of a problem as there was also a fair number of umbrellas. The fall foliage looked very nice as it usually does this time of year. There were lots of leaves still on the trees and the nearby hills looked very nice (some hills looked better than others!)

One night the Patriots football was heard from over the radio as they just barely won. The Heady, also know as the words best beer was not it short supply and there was also an excellent sample of other crafts beers. Once again there were not any bear attacks unfortunately!

Cooler full of THE HEADY

Cooler full of THE HEADY

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